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Salaam Film & Dialogue throws the pleasures and challenges of cultural encounters into the spotlight!

Salaam Film & Dialogue is a non-commercial organisation who deals with the cultural encounters that are part of our everyday life in many different ways – in the classroom, at work, in the public space, in the media and in the process of globalisation that we are all part of. Thus, Salaam also focuses on the relations between the Global South and the Global North.

The process of globalisation, which ties countries and cultures closer together, sometimes causes serious cultural clashes, but it is also a source of altruism, inspiration and innovation. Our aim is to create a platform for discussion – a space that welcomes multicultural experiences and dialogue around the topic of cultural encounters, regardless of any personal, cultural or religious differences.

Our media is film and dialogue. Film is an excellent tool for creating a sense of identification, for generating cultural understanding, and for giving an insight into living conditions that may appear to be far from the everyday life of the audience. We combine the screening of a film with a discussion between the audience and one of our speakers who have personal experience with the topics and questions that the film raises. Through this set up, the audience gets an opportunity to discuss the film with a person who has great insight in the themes that the film presents. In this way we challenge ingrained conceptions and prejudices – and we indicate ways in which cultural encounters can be expressed positively.

Our aim is to reach out to as wide an audience as possible. Until now we have primarily addressed children and young people through Salaam Film Festival in local cinemas and community centers across Denmark and Salaam School in primary and secondary schools. Our next step is to reach out to the Danish pre-schools through Salaam’s Children Cinema and through our collaboration with the community center Osram in Copenhagen. In the future, we are planning to address grown-up audiences through Salaam Work – this project is still on the drawing board.

Salaam Film & Dialogue – artistic experiences and beyond… 

Salaam Film & Dialogue aims to facilitate discussions about the modern, multicultural society. We promote intercultural understanding and insight into the connections between the global and local. Furthermore, we wish to highlight cultural diversity in a positive way.

However, the strengths and resources of cultural diversity can only be expressed fully if we also talk openly about difficult and hurtful experiences linked to cultural encounters. Therefore, we also discuss the challenges and difficulties of cultural exchange. The problems do not disappear by being suppressed and by being swept under the carpet. Simultaneously we have to call attention to the enriching and positive aspects of cultural encounters in order to make them flourish and grow – as they do when people are given the opportunity to experience the joy of inspiring meetings. Therefore, we create a space where different emotions, opinions and thoughts can be brought into discussion.

• Salaam Film & Dialogue is artistic experiences – with emphasis on film. Moreover, Salaam stands for cultural inclusion, social involvement, global insight and interpersonal responsibility.

• The mission of Salaam Film & Dialogue is to identify, highlight, and develop the strengths and resources that lie inherent in global and intercultural encounters – across cultural, linguistic and religious differences.

Short introduction to Salaam Film Festival 

Salaam Film Festival has since 2004 brought joy and enlightenment to thousands of schoolchildren all over Denmark with cross-cultural films and passionate speakers. From September to March every year, films from around the world, travel to cinemas and cultural institutions in the whole country. Our films are always accompanied by a speaker with personal experience and stories surrounding the topic and questions that the films spark. We also provide teaching materials for each film which can be downloaded from our website and used prior to and/or after the screening. The combination of the film, the dialogue and the teaching materials creates a valuable platform for a discussion about cultural encounters.

Short introduction to Salaam School
Salaam School brings the films and speakers out to the schools. Salaam School makes it possible for the teachers to book a Salaam film and dialogue event to be held in the classroom. This allows the schools to cut down on travel expenses and to provide the children with a familiar space for discussion, plus more focus on the teaching materials. Salaam School is available throughout the whole school year. Salaam School is planning to expand its activities in the coming year, so check out the website or write to us for further information and updates.

For more information about Salaam Film & Dialogue, please contact us at info@salaam.dk /+45 32 118 188.